VéloJunkie and sustainability

VéloJunkie consciously chooses sustainable, a planet-friendly approach that fits our vision. The best quality clothing for the cycling fanatic who wears with a good feeling. For people who enjoy (sports) our beautiful nature over and over again and want to contribute to its preservation.

Our clothing is mainly fair trade, made from recycled raw materials and / or organic cotton. We continue to look for more environmentally friendly alternatives, our webshop always clearly states what the product is made of.
Our packaging materials are also selected for sustainability, with the smallest possible footprint for the environment. 

From 2020 we no longer use plastic packaging materials for our shipments and we try to package your clothing as much as possible in one and the same luxury tissue paper. We also do not use unnecessary advertising materials in your package. Instead, we try to reach our customers through digital channels such as through our newsletter. All because we believe these changes can make small steps towards a better living environment for all of us!

Choose your favorites from our collection and wear them with pride and attention to our planet.

Ride your freedom machine and think green!